About Our Flowers

Our flowers are sourced from selected wholesalers in Glasgow which means if there is a problem we can usually have it dealt with speedily and effectively

We only use the freshest flowers available to us and have a good turnover in our stock.

Therefore allowing us to keep our customers satisfied and our standards high.

The flowers themselves come from all over the world such as Columbia, Holland, etc.

In fact all of our carnations and carnation sprays are from Columbia as they are considered to be the best in the world and although slightly smaller than the Dutch carnation they last much longer and are less likely to burst at the seam.  This is the quality we are trying to obtain for our customers .

Most of our lilies are direct to the wholesaler from growers in Holland and this allows the wholesaler to be able to keep a much closer eye on things and change growers at set times of the year.

Greenery comes from many different countries for example, salal from Canada, palms from Florida or the Caribbean etc.

We do our best to give quality freshness and value for money.